Logo Visit Malang

Logo Visit Malang
For my first post..i would like to introduce one of the greatest city at Indonesia..Malang city..Malang is a cold place..not the coldest..hahahahaa..i'll tell you some placees at Malang so if you came here, you wont get lost..LOL

for you who want to get a classy hotel and in the main town, here's the place:
1. Tugu Park Hotel
2. Santika Hotel
3. Regent's Park Hotel
4. Kartika Graha
5. Gajahmada Hotel
6. Graha Cakra Hotel

some or maybe every tourists cant adaptation with Indonesians food, so this are some places that sell western food at Malang:
1. OEN
2. The Liv
3. Pitstop
4. Burger Klenger
5. and all fast food, such as: pizza hut, Mc'd, KFC, wendy's, A&W, Dundee etc.

if you go to Malang dont forget to go to this places, coz you can know more about Malang's history:
1. Brawijaya Museum
2. Splendid Bird Park
3. Ijen Boulvard
4. Temple at Singosari
5. Tugu Park

do you like clubbing?? dont you ever think Malang dont have such places like that, here they are:
1. Hugos Cafe
2. Flame Cafe
3. Bale Barong
4. JE Cafe

how about recreation's place,? dont worry, Malang have a lot of places to visit, like:
1. Jatim Park
2. Klub Bunga
3. Agro wisata Batu
4. Coban Rondo
5. Cangar hot water
6. Pasar Pagi Rampal
7. Flying Folks Batu
8. Gantole Batu, etc

so..if you want to know more about Malang..you can ask me here, and its free for sure...LOL (-_-)y
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